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Artificial Intelligence Writing Lacks The Human Touch

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Artificial intelligence writing, more commonly called AI writing, is everywhere on the Internet. If you are starting a new blog, it is very tempting. It’s so easy to generate blog posts and articles in just a few seconds. All you need to do is provide a few topic sentences or paragraph headings. Then an AI tool will write a full-length article for you. But how well can an algorithm write, and how do readers react to it? Artificial intelligence writing and AI tools AI writing tools and services abound online today. You can find literally hundreds of both free and […]

How to Make the Most of AI Writing Tools, According to Bloggers

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AI writing tools have come a long way since spellcheck. Today, bloggers and marketers use AI writing tools to generate short and long-form copy and speed up content production. But while AI writing software can assist in researching, outlining, and creating content, it’s not foolproof enough to cut out human writers completely. According to bloggers, AI writing can help supplement your writing process, but you still need to remain in the driver’s seat. Here’s what five bloggers and entrepreneurs had to say about how to use AI writing effectively, including what these tools are best for and where they fall […]

The Best Grammar Checkers that Make Content Editing Easier

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Whether you’re sending out cold emails all day or drafting up campaigns and proposals, it’s tedious to spend time pouring over grammar. You can waste precious time deciding if you’re supposed to be using ‘affect’ or ‘effect’ or if you’ve used the word ‘very’ too many times. Instead, finding the best grammar checker for your work can automate this task and boost your productivity. These days, there are many grammar checkers out there that all claim to be the best. Here are some of the best grammar checkers used and trusted by thousands of users every day. Some grammar checkers […]
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