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How Much Do Content Creators Make? [Average Salary in 2022]

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The creator economy is bustling — so much so, a LinkedIn report found job postings for creators have nearly tripled since 2021. While the demand is there, one important question remains: is the salary keeping pace? Here, we’ll cover the average salary of content creators, what influences the number, and strategies to increase your salary. Table of Contents Content Creator Salary in 2022 What influences the salary of content creators? How to Increase Your Salary as a Content Creator Finding a Job as a Content Creator Content Creator Salary in 2022 The average salary for content creators in 2022 is $44,192 […]

Being a Digital Creator: Everything You Need to Know [+ Tips to Get Started]

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More businesses and social media platforms are relying on digital creators to boost brand awareness, revenue, and engagement — making digital content creation popular among marketers and creatives. But what exactly is a digital creator and how can you become one? In this blog, we’re going to explore what a digital creator is, the difference between being a creator versus an influencer, and how to get started in content creation. What is a digital creator? How To Be a Digital Creator Find your niche. Gather the materials you need. Create. Set SMART goals. Get organized and on a consistent schedule. […]
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