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The NFT Space Needs to Do More to Uplift Black Artists

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It’s no secret that white men make up the majority of crypto communities — after all, the “crypto bro” stereotype has been around for years. As of 2022, upwards of 70 percent of the world’s cryptocurrency accounts are held by men, with 62 percent of that total being white men, according to a report from Morning Consult. Considering the crypto sphere gave birth to the NFT ecosystem, it’s easy to understand how this demographic has ultimately trickled over to our new blockchain-based creative economy. Anthony Gibbs, founder of The Black Arts Project, noted these systemic issues with representation in the […]

What Video Marketers Should Know About Creating Diverse and Inclusive Content [New Research]

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Inclusive content is no longer considered a bonus for video marketers; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is an integral component of an effective video content strategy. According to Facebook Advertising, 64% of audiences in the US, UK, and Brazil said they would like to see more diversity. Deloitte’s Heat Test Report found 69% of brands with representation in ads saw an average stock gain of 44%. But where does one start? Diversity isn’t something you can simply check off a list — implementing inclusive content is complex. It has many facets internally and externally in an organization and includes multiple […]
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