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How To Share A Book Manuscript File Safely And Securely

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All authors need to share a book manuscript file before publishing a book. You might need to send a copy to your editor, proofreader, beta readers, or a submission to a publisher or literary agent. But you need to be aware that sending your precious manuscript as an email attachment is an unsafe way to do it. Email is insecure, making it easy for unscrupulous actors to steal your manuscript. Manuscript theft is a danger Many authors have fallen prey to manuscript theft. The New York Times reported on a phishing scam that resulted in stealing unpublished book manuscripts. The […]

How To Add More Amazon Categories To Your Book Or Ebook

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Do you know that you can add more Amazon categories to your book? You can only select two categories when you first publish your book or ebook with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). But these are not Amazon categories. They are BISACS (Book Industry Standards and Communications) headings. If you want your new book to be much more visible, you can add up to ten new categories to make your book more discoverable by Amazon book buyers. How to add more Amazon categories to your book You could use category keywords in the past. But the only way now is to […]

How To Add Video In Ebooks When Publishing With KDP

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Can you include video in ebooks? Yes, you can. There are many ways you can add video in ebooks. If you want to include a lot of videos, you will be creating an interactive ebook. But this type of ebook, or flipbook, is not suitable for publishing on Amazon. If you want to add videos to an ebook when self-publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you can do it. But there are limitations. Interactive ebook or Kindle ebook? Many online platforms specialize in publishing interactive or enhanced ebooks. Some are free or free to try, but most are by subscription. […]
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