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How Are Brands Responding to the Ukraine War?

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If you’ve been active on social media or watching international news, you would know that Russia has recently declared war on Ukraine. The attack resulted in numerous deaths, hundreds of destroyed infrastructures, and millions of civilians fleeing their homeland.  The internet has been sprawling with posts, including fake news and propaganda, viral photos and videos, […]

Google Turns 23! Celebrating Google’s Birthday in 2021

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It seems that Google has been around forever. But does anyone actually know when Google’s birthday is? Even though September 8, 1998 marks the official debut of the search engine giant, Google has been celebrating on September 27. And this September 27, 2021, Google is officially 23 years old. Over two decades, the search engine […]

How Growth Rocket Became a Preferred Facebook Business Partner

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It seems that Growth Rocket has a new achievement to feel festive about this Yuletide season (and it’s just on the heels of Google’s birthday): We’re now a Preferred Facebook Business Partner. It may sound like a mouthful, but all it means is that we’ll be able to take Facebook advertising to unprecedented highs thanks […]

Charting the Next Frontier: What is the Facebook Metaverse?

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When I first heard about the Facebook rebrand into Meta, I felt as if my worst Black Mirror fantasies had become a reality. It felt a tad ironic reading up about the news as someone who’s quit social media and has been in the dark about any industry-related updates for two years now, but my […]
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