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5 Best Answers to “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” [+ Why They Work]

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“Why do you want to work here?” It’s a question almost every job candidate can expect in the interview process, and for good reason: your answer will help the hiring manager decide if you’re genuinely interested in the role, or if it’s just another one on your list. While the question is relatively straightforward, it can be tricky to maneuver. Here, we’ll cover strategies to handle the question and offer five example responses for you to reference. 1. Give a well-rounded answer. Saying the job looks interesting — or the company is great — isn’t enough. In other words, if […]

How to Write a Marketing Resume Hiring Managers Will Notice [Free 2022 Templates + Samples]

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As we collectively enter into year three of the pandemic, the great resignation, and the “candidate’s market”, having a stand-out marketing resume is more important than ever. It’s ironic, but despite knowing how to sell products and services, so many marketers have a hard time selling themselves. It can often be difficult to turn the spotlight inward, but this is a skill all marketers need to perfect if they want to grow in their careers. In this article, we’ll show you both new-aged and tried-and-true methods for building the perfect resume. You’ll find resume templates and examples that have worked […]

Resume Tips to Get You The Job You Want, Straight from Recruiters

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I can’t think of many tasks people dread more than writing a resume. There are so many little things you need to add, rephrase, check, double-check, triple-check. Post-pandemic, the job search is a whole different ball game, with new considerations you haven’t faced before. A checklist makes everything seem less daunting so that’s what much of this article will be, and the best part is it’s recruiter-approved. Let’s dive in. 1. Include your contact information. This seems like a given, right? Not exactly. “You would be surprised to know how many really good resumes I’ve come across with no contact […]

How to Decline a Job Offer

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Before you decline a job offer, ask yourself some key questions: Why are you no longer interested in the job? Are your reasons for losing interest short-term, or longer-term reasons that you can’t change? If you don’t accept the offer, will you regret turning it down? If you’ve answered all of these questions and still feel like you want to decline, read on to discover the different ways to decline a job offer. Know exactly what you need? Jump to one of the following sections: How to Decline a Job Offer Due to Salary How to Decline a Job Offer […]
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