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Constanza: Poetic Forms

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This week’s poetic form is the constanza. It’s a fun form comprised of at least five tercets (or three-line stanzas) that was invented by Connie Marcum Wong. Here are the guidelines: Five (or more) tercets Eight syllables per line First line of each tercet can be read as its own poem First lines of each tercet all share the same A rhyme Second and third line of each tercet share a rhyme and add a deeper meaning to the entire poem If your constanza is comprised of five tercets, this would be the rhyme pattern: abb/acc/add/aee/aff  ***** Play with poetic […]

Tilus: Poetic Forms

This week’s poetic form is concise: 10 syllables in three lines. The tilus (pronounced “tee-loo-hz”) was invented by Kelvin S. Mangundayao. Here are the guidelines: Two stanzas First stanza two lines; second stanza one line Six syllables in first line, three syllables in second line, and one syllable for final line So 10 syllables total Poem should be focused on nature opening up the world for subject I found an explanation from Kelvin on the nature component on the dVerse site: “The main focus of Tilus is on the world of Nature, and how it can open a new door […]
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