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Consumer Behavior Statistics You Should Know in 2022 [New Data]

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How consumers make purchasing decisions has changed greatly in just a few months. For instance, the pandemic has shifted some buyers more online. In recent years, there has also been a push for more transparent and sustainable practices in brands. But what else is there? Well, that’s what we’re covering here. In this article, you’ll learn some interesting statistics regarding consumer behavior that you should know in 2022 and what that means for your marketing strategy. 1. Consumers buy more online. According to a 2022 GWI Commerce Report, there has been a 36% increase in the number of Americans doing […]

How Conversion Funnels Create a Better Customer Journey + How to Optimize Yours

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Conversion funnels are a fundamental concept in sales. Personally, I like to visualize the funnel as that big scary slide you wanted to try as a kid. You saw your friends whizzing down, which sparked your interest. You watched how much fun they were having, doing your research. And then the benefits of having fun outweighed your fear, so you climbed up and flew down. Customers take a similar journey through your company’s conversion funnel when evaluating whether or not to buy from you. You have to pique their interest, build trust, and encourage them to take action. In this […]
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