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Why You Should Leverage Interactive Videos [Data from 500+ Marketers]

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A 2021 Wyzowl report found that the use of video content from brands has increased roughly 25% over the past six years. Lately, the conversation has been focused on short-form video lately, but interactive video is one we should be talking more about. Learn what interactive video is, how to create one, and examples from some top brands. You can use interactive videos for a number of purposes, including increasing engagement, fostering two-way communication, and boosting conversions. In Q1 2022, we surveyed over 500 global video marketers to ask about their video strategy. Roughly a quarter of marketers surveyed (28%) […]

Best Times to Post on YouTube in 2022 [Research]

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HubSpot Blog Research revealed that YouTube sees the highest usage among social media platforms by video marketers, more than TikTok and Instagram. It’s also where marketers will invest the most in this year. With so much emphasis placed on the platform, we wanted to know what times and days publishers saw the best results. Keep reading to learn what we discovered. Creating a video for YouTube isn’t an easy task. First comes ideation, then scripting followed by filming, and finally editing – and that’s just at a high level. Imagine doing all that work just to upload a video that […]

What Video Marketers Should Know About Creating Diverse and Inclusive Content [New Research]

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Inclusive content is no longer considered a bonus for video marketers; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is an integral component of an effective video content strategy. According to Facebook Advertising, 64% of audiences in the US, UK, and Brazil said they would like to see more diversity. Deloitte’s Heat Test Report found 69% of brands with representation in ads saw an average stock gain of 44%. But where does one start? Diversity isn’t something you can simply check off a list — implementing inclusive content is complex. It has many facets internally and externally in an organization and includes multiple […]

3 Super Bowl Ads Consumers Loved in 2022 & What Marketers Can Learn from Them [New Data]

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Each year, the Super Bowl teaches us a lot about healthy competition. But — we don’t always see it play out on the football field.  In fact, when the commentators send us to a commercial break, that’s where some of the biggest game-day face-offs take place. While football teams compete for trophies, companies spend millions trying to get more views, leads, and revenue than other brands advertising in their industry on the same day. Think about it. When haven’t you seen 10 competing car ads during one big game? And, despite the noise of dozens of ads with blockbuster budgets, […]

What Video Marketers Should Know in 2022, According to Wyzowl Research

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It’s well established that video has been one of the breakout trends in the marketing world for the past decade. But what’s happening in video marketing right now? And how does its growth and success stand up to the twists and turns of a global pandemic?  At Wyzowl, we’ve released an annual State of Video Marketing survey every year since 2015, charting usage, spend, channels, and opinions among video marketers and consumers.  We recently released our eighth State of Video Marketing report and, in light of the chaos of recent years, it’s perhaps our most fascinating set of findings yet. […]
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