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How to Avoid Burnout: 7 Tips + Signs to Look Out For

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We’ve all had days where we struggle to get out of bed and start our day or when we’re pushing through fatigue to execute a crucial project. But what happens when those days start to feel like the norm, and you can’t remember the last time you felt motivated at work? That’s burnout. While we all experience bad days at work, burnout doesn’t have to be inevitable. To help you stay in the groove at work, we will explore ways to avoid burnout and some signs of burnout to watch out for. What is burnout? Common Causes of Burnout Signs […]

Why Quiet Quitting Happens in Marketing & How Managers Can Prevent It [Leadership Data]

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While many think quiet quitting is nothing more than setting healthy boundaries, others see it as a sign of poor work ethic. We could debate whether quiet quitting is good or bad forever. But, are workplaces actually taking the time to understand why it happens and how they can effectively and supportively address it? In this post, we analyze data from 500 marketing leaders to learn how leaders are keeping up with quiet quitting, why they think it happens, and how they plan to navigate it. Quiet Quitting Fast Facts Before diving into the why and how, here are a […]

What Marketing Leaders Think About Quiet Quitting [Executive Leadership Data]

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Back in September, we covered quiet quitting: Specifically, what it is, how the term got popular, and ways to address it. Now, we’re hearing directly from marketing leaders and getting their thoughts on the phenomenon, courtesy of our Executive Leadership survey of 500+ leaders. In this article, you’ll find out what they think about quiet quitters (Spoiler alert: It’s not pretty), why they think it’s happening and how they plan to address it. What Marketing Leaders Know about Quiet Quitting To start things off, most of the marketing leaders we surveyed (73%) say they’re familiar with the term “quiet quitting.”’ […]

5 Timely B2B Marketing Tips I’ve Learned From 15 Years As A Remote Worker

With hybrid and remote work here to stay and digital-first marketing on the rise, how can B2B marketers make the most of these important shifts? Although I’ve written about remote work before, in pieces including “Remote Communication Opportunities For B2B Marketers,” “Day 4,777: Remote Work Tips From 13+ Years As A Distance Marketer,” and “Hybrid & Remote Work Trends That Will Alter The Future Of B2B Marketing,” the permanent changes to where and how we work have significant implications that will affect B2B marketers forever, so it’s time to reassess. Let’s take a close look at five ways B2B marketers […]
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