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How To Become a Journalist

So, you want to become a journalist? Great choice—there’s never been a greater need for diverse and skilled individuals in the rapidly expanding and evolving news industry. (What Is Investigative Journalism?) Opportunities are no longer limited to the legacy media of television, radio, and print. While mainstream outlets suffer from closures and waning public trust, online platforms are multiplying and thriving. There are openings in both traditional and digital platforms, but just remember that we are trending towards multimedia journalism. News and features are now presented in a multitude of ways, combining text, graphics, images, audio, and video. So keep […]

What Is a Personal Reportage Essay in Writing?

Many writers are probably familiar with how journalistic reporting reads, very fact-based with the 5 Ws and 1 H to go along with an inverted pyramid style of placing the most essential information at the top followed by other pieces of information in descending order of importance. Many writers also have a good idea of what a personal essay is. (What Is a Personal Essay in Writing?) In this post, we’re going to look at what a personal reportage essay is, including what makes it different from other types of essays and when writers may prefer to use this style. […]

Citizen Journalism vs. Traditional Journalism

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“Traditional journalism is the outside looking in. Citizen journalism is the inside looking out. In order to get the complete story, it helps to have both points of view.” Mitch Gelman, President and CEO of WCNY, was referring here to the ‘boots on the ground’ reporting of citizen journalists and bloggers in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. A executive producer at the time, Gelman was impressed with the ‘extraordinary first-person accounts’ posted online, which took audiences into “the heart and soul of the story.” (What Is Investigative Journalism?) Almost two decades later, not only are citizen journalists sharing their […]

What Is Investigative Journalism?

My heart pounds as I prepare to enter the building. A backpack, equipped with a hidden camera occupies the passenger seat, an entity all its own. This is the hardest part, getting into character, hoping I don’t get caught. I must remember my cover story. They don’t know I’ve infiltrated their group and am filming everything. Not yet at least. Once I step outside the car and into my role, the sickening fear subsides. But those moments just before are nerve wracking. (How Not to Write a How-To Book) This was my most memorable assignment as a television investigative journalist—going […]
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