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How Marketers Are Preparing for Google’s Third-Party Cookie Phaseout

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Over the past few years, consumers have become increasingly concerned with how companies use their data. And many feel passionate about protecting their privacy — in fact, HubSpot’s Blog Research found 80% of consumers believe data privacy is a human right. Data security has become a critical component for long-term customer retention and loyalty. So it’s vital brands behave responsibly when it comes to collecting and protecting consumer data. But many marketers have relied on third-party data for years, so the phaseout of Google’s third-party cookie in 2023 will likely cause some concern. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to. Here, let’s explore […]

A Privacy First-World Won’t Hurt Your Customer Relationships, It Will Transform Them: Insights from HubSpot’s CMO

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As marketers, we thrive on data. Data can help us identify when content is underperforming, and pivot to provide the highest value to our prospects and customers. It can also enable us to explore new, underutilized channels, and discover the best platforms to connect with our audiences. All of this is to say: Any changes to the existing data collection ecosystem will create uncertainty around the future of marketing, and make some marketers fearful about how their current strategies will perform in a privacy-first world. But a privacy-first world doesn’t inhibit a company’s ability to know and better serve their […]

How Your Audience Could Shift in Web 3 [Executive Insights + Podcast Episode]

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If you work in tech, media, or even marketing, you’ve likely heard a lot of buzz around Web 3. And, when filtering through all the noise about future versions of the internet, you might find it hard to differentiate all of the predictions from myths and reality. And, more importantly, if you’re likely asking questions like, “How could Web 3 impact my business?”, “Will I fall behind if I don’t get in on Web 3 now?”, and “Is Web 3 just built on hype?” “When you’re listening to the news, or you’re on Twitter, and people are talking about NFTs […]
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