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3 Practical Book Promotion Strategies For Your New Book

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There are many book promotion strategies, but only a few are always practical and effective for a new book. You can spend a lot of time and effort promoting your new book after publishing it. But unless you get the foundations right before you publish, you might end up wasting a lot of time and money. It’s far more effective to plan and start your book promotion well before releasing your book. Book promotion strategies that work By far, the most worthwhile ways to promote your new book need to be in place well before publishing. One of the biggest […]

Promoting Your Books With Tumblr Is Quick And Simple

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Promoting books with Tumblr is often overlooked by self-published authors. It’s an effective and easy way to extend your book promotion. Yes, you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your blog or website. But with Tumblr, you can use your existing book promotion posts and articles to reach a new audience. Tumblr is a cross between social media and microblogging and is very popular. But for authors, Tumblr’s reblogging feature is the big bonus. Tumblr in numbers It might be a surprise to learn how many people use Tumblr. Here are some interesting statistics from TechJury. In February 2021, Tumblr had […]
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