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30 Proven Tips to Improve SEO Performance

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The easier it is for customers to find your webpage, the better your chances of engaging new visitors and driving new conversions. In practice, however, this means more than having great content — it means taking steps to improve SEO performance so that search engine algorithms will be more likely to return your page as a top result. We’ve created this blog to help you make the most of your SEO efforts — here’s a list of 30 tactical search engine tips. 30 Tips to Help Improve Your SEO To streamline the navigation of our SEO tips, we’ve divided them […]

The 20 Dominating Web Design Trends for 2022

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Experimental navigation, scrolling effects, and kinetic typography are just a few of the web design trends dominating 2022.  Check out the full list with examples of the best website designs in 2022 to get inspired to tackle your web design projects this year. One common theme among these trends is motion design. Gary Simon, an experienced UI/UX designer and frontend developer, believes motion design will be everywhere in 2022. To see several examples of websites using scroll-based animations, parallax effects, animated SVGs and more, check out his video: 1. Experimental Navigation What we like: Experimental navigation can help engage and […]

How to Optimize Your 404 Error Page for SEO & Conversions

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In an ideal world, you would never need a 404 error page. Links would never break, resources would stay in one place, and visitors would seamlessly navigate around your website by clicking on links. Despite best efforts, however, 404s still happen. This error is the most common one that your site’s visitors will encounter. It basically means that the page the visitor was trying to reach cannot be found. This could be because the page has moved to a new URL or because it’s been removed from the website. While you should take steps to correct these errors on your […]

34 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2022

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Your website inspiration journey starts here. Deciding to create a web presence is a big decision, but the best websites are a culmination of many small decisions. But one major decision that takes time, diligence, and a great deal of inspiration is the design of your website. In this article, we’re sharing a few dozen of the best website designs we’ve seen. Click the links below to jump to explore website designs that crushed it in the last several years. We’ve also included a bonus section of designs that are just plain cool — so check them out, too! Where […]
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