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HuffPost: Market Spotlight

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Launched in 2005 as The Huffington Report, HuffPost is a news aggregator site that’s covered a variety of topics with its newer name since 2017. It was originally launched as an alternative to conservative sites like The Drudge Report, and it was purchased in early 2021 by BuzzFeed. (Reader’s Digest: Market Spotlight.) The editors say, “At HuffPost, we report with empathy and put people at the heart of every story. We take a people-first approach in everything we report—be it news and politics or lifestyle and entertainment—and we cover real stories about real life. Regardless of who you are, where you […]

5 Creative Ways to Turn Your Book Into Audible Media

Audiobooks are one of the fastest growing formats in publishing. In 2020, publishers experienced a 12% increase in audiobook revenue according to the Audio Publishers Association (the ninth consecutive year of double-digit growth, despite a global pandemic). Audiobooks are predicted to become a $19 billion dollar industry by 2027. Why are audiobooks so popular? First, they don’t “compete” for a reader’s time the way a print book or screen does. Most people tune-in to audiobooks while multitasking (such as cleaning or driving), meaning they can make the most of their already limited time. Second, audio storytelling is more creative and […]

How to Use Patreon as a Freelancer’s Tool

Patreon is the mechanism providing you with an online subscription service where you and your followers meet up and share the same lingo. They receive something creatively unique, and you relish the freedom of creative expression while earning a few dollars.  (4 Places for Freelancers to Find Those First Clients.) You’ll find over 200,000 creators on Patreon, and the definition of creativity varies far and wide, with some using it for their primary income, and others as a sideline tool. Become a Patreon Creator You have the option to utilize Patreon as a patron or a creative provider, or both. […]

New Agent Alert: Jazmia K. Young of Curtis Brown Ltd.

Jazmia Young is an associate agent at Curtis Brown Ltd. She received her bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing at the City College of New York and was a graduate of the Publishing Certificate Program at CCNY.  Jazmia K. Young (20 Literary Agents Actively Seeking Writers and Their Writing.) She is interested in representing children’s books, picture books through YA, focusing on middle-grade fiction/nonfiction with the goal of amplifying underrepresented voices and experiences. She particularly loves stories with friendship ties, complicated family dynamics, and grief or loss.  Being a New York native, anything based in the […]

9 Ways Self-Publishing Changed My Life (and Will Change Yours Too)

As an editor and instructor who has a family and also writes novels “on the side,” I thought I was busy. Then I pressed the publish button and realized I hadn’t seen anything yet. Are you thinking about publishing that thriller, self-help book, or short story collection you’ve housed all safe and sound in your computer for years? Congratulations! That said, this is to warn you that once that book sees the light of day, your “normal” will hit the ground running and never look back. Your work as a publisher is about to ooze into all the nooks and […]

New Agent Alert: Tess Weitzner of Trident Media Group

Tess Weitzner graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in English and American Literature, concentrating in creative writing and minoring in Spanish. Previously, Tess interned at Henry Holt, The New England Review, Roaring Brook Press, and O/R Books, and was an archive research assistant for the author and journalist Charles Glass. At Trident Media Group, she assists CEO Dan Strone. Tess Weitzner (20 Literary Agents Actively Seeking Writers and Their Writing.) Currently Seeking Tess is also excitedly building her own list of authors. She is primarily drawn to literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, horror, and middle grade, and especially that which […]

3 Ways To Manage Pitch Panic

“What happens if I forget key parts of my pitch in the room?” “These executives enjoy tormenting writers and love putting them under pressure.” “I’m a good writer, but I don’t have great social skills…” If you’ve had any of these fear-provoking thoughts, you’ve experienced a fear of negative evaluation. Causes of Pitch Panic range from anxiety that you’ll ruin your pitch, to the idea that you’re pitching to horrible people who won’t grasp your prodigious talents. Either way it makes you nervous when you’re going to pitch to them. (Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Correcting Submissions Before You Hear Back) […]

The Malahat Review: Market Spotlight

The Malahat Review is a literary publication that seeks poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by Canadians and international writers. Established in 1967, The Malahat Review is a quarterly publication that sometimes focuses on themes. (New Letters: Market Spotlight.) The editors say, “Malahat originally bore the subtitle ‘An International Magazine of Life and Letters,’ reflecting the founding editors’ background in European literature and connections in the international literary community. Under succeeding editors and in step with the growing of a truly national literature, the journal became more strongly Canadian, with a focus on Canadian and international poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction […]

5 Skills to Master Before You Launch Your Book

In the good old days, authors worked hard to revise, hone, and shape their books until they fairly gleamed, then sat back with a sigh of relief and turned their precious baby over to their publisher’s marketing team to do the rest. Those days are over. (How I Landed My Literary Agent at the Annual Writer’s Digest Conference Pitch Slam) Not a week goes by without groans from my fellow debut authors in private Facebook groups. “I mean, isn’t it enough I wrote the darn thing, now I have to publicize and market it as well? Is that my job?” […]

Pacifica Literary Review: Market Spotlight

Pacifica Literary Review is an online literary publication that seeks poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction (in addition to art and photography). This publication has been in print and online since 2012 when it was founded by two writers, Matt Muth and Kodiak Armstrong. (New Letters: Market Spotlight.) The editors say, “We are an inclusive space for the best emerging and established writers. Seattle is our home base, and everything you’ve heard is true: The coffee is good, it rains a lot, and we have the best writing community in the US. Writers from all backgrounds, races, orientations, occupations, and sports […]
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